The Who's Who of HGPS in 2020. 

If you have a question, compliment or concern you should first make an appointment to talk to your child's classroom teacher.

If the issue continues, you should make an appointment with the Assistant Principal (often referred to as 'Stage Supervisor' or 'AP') of your child's grade.

For ongoing or serious concerns, or if that compliment is for the teacher or AP, please contact the school to meet with one of the two Deputy Principals (DP).  

Early Stage One


Kindy AP (Rel.):

Mrs Anamourlis

Teacher team:

KA- Mrs Anamourlis/ Mrs Brar

KB- Miss Shallis

KF- Miss Fuad

KR - Miss Robinson

KS- Mrs Simpson

Stage One 

(Years 1 and 2)

Stage One AP: Mrs Poonam Suri

Teacher team:

1Q- Mrs Qazi

1L- Mrs Larkin

1K- Miss Kearney

1P- Mrs Polley

2M - Mrs Roewal

2N- Ms Nayda

1/2S- Mrs Suri

2J- Mrs Mohan-Ram

Stage Two

(Years 3 and 4)

Stage Two AP (Rel.): Miss Abbott

Teacher team:

3A- Mrs Aleemullah

3B- Ms Blackadder/ Mrs Fitzgerald

3M- Miss Abbott

3/4CT - Mrs Cornelly/ Mrs Turner

4B- Miss Bonser

4R- Miss Reinke

4A - Mrs Avila

Stage Three

(Years 5 and 6)

Stage Three AP:(Rel)

 Mrs Bryant

Teacher team:

5H- Mrs D Hancock

5J- Miss Jackson

5O- Miss Oreo

5D- Mr Dionisio

5/6B- Mrs Bryant

6R- Miss Ryder

6T- Mr Tangye

6A- Mrs Anderson/ Mrs Fitz


Mrs Saaghy

Mrs Kapur



Mr Manfredi

Ms Hopperton

Mrs Haynes

Mrs Andrews

Learning Support:

Mr Jeffress

Mrs Peters

Mr R Tangye

School Counsellor

Mr Fajardo


School Executive :

* Principal: Mr Rodger      *Deputy Principal (Rel): Mrs Anderson              *Deputy Principal (Rel): Mrs Cornelly

School Administration and Student Support:

*Manager: Mrs Kininjjew Staff: Mrs Cosgrove, Mrs Galassi, Miss Trouve, Mrs Shearer, Ms Milojevic, Mrs V Hancock, Mrs Sing, Miss Kelly,  Mrs Dearie, Mrs Butler, Mrs Whitehead, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Crawford, Mr Goldie 

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