Hi! I'm HG Hawk! I'll be helping our wonderful HGPS children to learn how to be SUPER students this year! 


Second Step helps to increase student success and improve peer relationships. It helps students learn to have empathy, manage their emotions and behaviours and to solve problems. 

Right now we're learning...


How to Calm Down


This term Year Five have begun a new topic in Second Step lessons. This topic looks at how to recognise and deal with strong emotions that can take a hold of our bodies on a daily basis.  

Take a look at the videos below to see what our brain has

to work through to deal with these emotions.

Stay up to date and help your child be successful when you help them with the home-link activities below!

During a Second Step lesson, Year Five students worked in groups to mould each other into passive, aggressive and assertive body stances. 

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